Andreas IT

System Development made Simple

Who am I?

I work with different kind of system developments, I prefer web and app development and is profficient in many technologies. I'm very interested in Android app development and like working with e-commerce sites

Contact information coming soon

Gaming App

Gaming app for Android (2019 July to Present)

Been working on a Arcade gaming app for Android, released in July 2019 and has currently achieved over 700 000 downloads and 30 000 daily active users

Senior System Developer

Big fashion company

Been working as a System Developer for a big online fashion store where I've been involved in everything from backend systems, databases, front-end work, devops, testing, designing etc.

Building websites

Web design for other companies

Been building a varied assortment of websites for other companies it includes everything from security companies to health care and translations.

Get personal with the customers is the only way to get a understanding.

Understanding the customer is the only way to build what the customer wants.

Writing cheeky texts is the way to convince you that I'm proffesional and take everything very seriously!